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The Frank Pagano Drum Studio offers lessons on drum set, Latin percussion, rock/pop percussion, and classical/orchestral percussion. 

Frank's widely varied and extensive career has provided him with an eclectic knowledge base and skill set that covers the full spectrum of drum and percussion skills.
Learn how to play the drums starting with a strong foundation, including proper technique and rudiments, tempo, time feel, and reading.

Equally important, learn how to play different styles, including rock, pop, jazz, Latin & Brazilian, R & B and soul; how to play with a band, and how to play a groove and in the pocket.
Frank also has extensive experience playing other percussion instruments in all styles: congas, tambourine, shakers, etc.- the instruments that add color and feel to the music, expand your range as a performing musician, and increase your calls for more gigs sessions.
Frank's early study in the Manhattan School of Music and experience on Broadway also provided the genesis for his proficiency on other percussion instruments, including mallets, (vibes and marimba), tympani, and more. Lessons on these percussion instruments will lead to more successful auditions for school bands and orchestras, All State, and local youth orchestras. Summer lessons will be helpful supplements to prepare for the coming school year.
Instruction at the Frank Pagano Drum Studio also includes such important skills as learning how and what to practice, discipline, learning from books or from recordings, videos & by ear, how to learn and memorize new material, and how to prepare for an audition or a new gig. 
Frank offers private lessons both in his home in Tenafly, NJ, (easily accessible from all points in Northern & Central NJ and New York City), as well as live on Skype, worldwide!
Lessons are tailored to each student's specific needs and goals.
For more information, contact Frank by phone: (201) 679-1829 
email: , or by filling out and submitting the contact form below.

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